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how we work

Our policy is to provide the Client with a world class service resulting in a world class web site. The creation of an effective and artistically pleasing web site requires a partnership between the client and the Web Site Designer. The Client will in most cases provide all of the factual information, plus copies of graphics and other components particular to his company or organisation. It is the task of the Web Site designer to translate all of this into material which will work well on the internet.

NetSpinners will ensure that the site is designed in such way as to overcome the different challenges provided by different browsers, different versions of these browsers, different computer systems and different screen resolutions. The challenge is to satisfy the many combinations of circumstances under which a web site can be visited, and still achieve the desired outcome.

NetSpinners will meet with you in the first instance to establish your requirements. Normally this will result in us being able to quote you a fixed fee for designing your site, and also to agree a timetable for completing the work.